The Frog and the Granite Shore V

Upon Hard Bench I Sat, No Music Thrilled the Air, No Child’s Laugh or Lovers’ Sigh, No, Nothing, Fair, No Flowers Bright nor Chirping Sparrow, All Had Flown From There; I Pondered as I Sat, and Sorrowed at Man’s Life, Threadbare Of God’s Delights and Starry Nights, Excitement, Wonder, Dare; Oh, How I Longed For Frog and Granite Shore, With Music to Thrill the Air. Continue reading The Frog and the Granite Shore V

On Love and Self

There are stages of love as well as grief. I suspect more people know the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Few people understand that love has stages as well: infatuation, passion, routine (or restless), partnership, companionship. If grief comes about through loss of loved one, where does love come in? Love comes with loss of self, meaning love causes self to become … Continue reading On Love and Self

A Sailor’s Favorite Bar

The Sailor has a favorite bar, in every port of call, A favorite girl too, slender, stout, or tall; I’m no exception to the rule, immemorial in its time, Not so very particular, though her beauty be sublime; My favorite port of call, my favorite among the dozens, Rota Spain and sweet Susanna, and all her pretty cousins; Black hair my green-eyed beauty, and tiny … Continue reading A Sailor’s Favorite Bar

Thank The Living Souls

And lost souls, too We mustn’t forget them Sun marches across the sky Leaves behind another day Poppies waving gently In red dotted field Poppy red, dead red Black soil, sweet soil The wagon rolls on Boots reversed in stirrups Taps and gun salute Widow hugs the flag Somewhere, sometime, Someone remembers them The silver drop cleanses Refreshes them to mind Memory returns an image … Continue reading Thank The Living Souls

Where Does the Eagle Stand?

Bit by bit Clipped, ripped, lopped One limb, Then another And another And another. Ten branches To prune is to shape New growth Twenty-seven leaves X marks the spot Old Scratch Insinuating Subverting Bending willows Against the wind Opposites repel Hammer forms Sickle cuts Devil’s tongue Slick salesman Sells lemons Buys souls Slick illusion Grand delusion Where does the Eagle stand? Continue reading Where Does the Eagle Stand?

Writing a Novel: Honey Ko. With Chapter One, Final Revision

In the words of Pope Julius II to Michelangelo from the movie The Agony and the Ecstasy, “When will you make an end?” He referred, of course, to the painting of the Sistine Chapel and the agonizing wait for its completion. Everything has an end, including writing a story. Sometimes, though, the writer doesn’t know when or how to end the story. Sometimes the writing itself is more … Continue reading Writing a Novel: Honey Ko. With Chapter One, Final Revision