Honey Ko, serialized

I’ve decided to serialize Honey Ko while I seek an agent. I have sent query letters to 19 agents, and received two rejections. Most literary agent websites inform writers that, due to the high volume of query letters they receive, they cannot respond to all. That means I may wait up to eight weeks or more to realize nothing is coming from a particular agent.

No worries, I am a perpetual optimist. I understand the pressure that agents are under, and the reality of the new world of publishing. So lack of a response won’t stop me submitting and waiting. I very much appreciate the two agents, Dan Lazar and Caitlin Blasdell, who responded after only a few days. Their courtesy in responding means they care about the folks who submit to them.

I believe I have a great novel, one that people need and want to read. If I don’t believe in myself, why bother writing, right? So, on on.

A note to those who may be preparing themselves to seek an agent. Do your homework. Jane Freidman, Brenda Drake, Savvy Authors, Poets & Writers, and Agent Query are websites with information critical to writers looking for agents. They all have been helpful to me.They will show you what to do. You don’t need to spend hard earned money buying books that show you how to write query letters and find agents. Everything you need can be found on the web. Start with those five.

Your query letter is the most important document you will write when you are ready to seek an agent. Within the query letter, your pitch line is the most important 1-3 sentences you will write. You want to make the agent say, ” OH MY GOD! I NEED TO READ THIS NOW!” Brenda Drake and Savvy Authors run pitch line reviews that you should enter. They invite literary agents who are accepting submissions to read pitches and, 1. provide feedback; 2. offer agent representation to those with the best pitch lines (if they like your manuscript).

But, and this is a Major Big But: Don’t take me as an authority on the subject. I haven’t found, or rather, an agent hasn’t found me yet. So, back to work.

Do me a favor though. Like Honey Ko, comment on it, share my posts, re-blog Honey Ko. Refer me to your agent 🙂

3 thoughts on “Honey Ko, serialized

  1. J.J Sylvester

    Good luck with everything. You’re right , you need to believe in yourself and you have great talent, unfortunately these days it’s not enough. It’s required of authors to believe in themselves more than ever to get out there. I actually clicked on this thinking it was another chapter, lol. I’ve just noticed your domain name, writersenvy me, that’s really cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will Pennington

      I don’t remember what brought that domain name to mind, but when I saw the .com, .me, and other choices, I knew it had to be .me!

      Thanks for your kind words. I promise to post a chapter each Saturday. There are thirty-two! I did post chapters ten and twenty-seven in the last few weeks though.


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