Christmas Wishes


Life With Jackie

“What would you wish for If Christmas wishes came true?”

Her lips curved in that slow, sexy smile that always made his heart skip a beat. “You mean besides peace on earth and a cure for cancer?”

For the first time, he noted the hint of laugh lines that crinkled at the corners of her eyes, “Yeah, besides that.”

“Hmm . . . I’d wish I had met you sooner. I could have been your high school sweetheart.”

“I would have given you my class ring to wear around your neck. I still have it somewhere.”

She laid her head back on the pillow. “We would have made a great couple you know. I would have cheered at your football games and then we could have driven to lover’s lane to celebrate you making the winning touchdown.”

He laughed as she made loud kissing sounds, acting out her rendition of…

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