Just A Heartbeat Away

Jackie’s writing sends my heart aflutter 😊

Life With Jackie

Two hearts went on a blind date, meeting up at the corner bar across from the train station. Her heart arrived early, as was her usual habit. His heart drove around the block three times before he got up the nerve to park and walk into the bar.

Her heart raced as the clock over the door struck 9:00. ‘Why did I agree to meet with a stranger? What if he turns out to be a total dead-beat?’

The lights were dim and he strained to see if she were there. The only thing he knew about her was what he’d read on Facebook. ‘What if her profile picture wasn’t even hers?’

‘Was that her . . . by the bar?’ His heart pounded so loud he was sure she could hear it.

‘Was that him . . . staring at her?’ Her heart skipped a beat.

He couldn’t help…

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