Wanderlust – Haibun

My first attempt at Haibun.


I often dream of living in a cabin in the woods. Handed the chance to live life over again, I would choose a career as a Forest Ranger, managing forests, assisting people who understand them, teaching those who don’t.

Look now through my eyes
How vision winds endlessly
Look there! Do you see?

I always felt I was born two-hundred years too late. I would have been a mountain man in another life, though it meant giving up my cherished two hot showers a day.

Harsh reality
Taking my ease from labor
Habits of comfort

I travel to Maine each September with my dog, Yoshi. We camp and we hike, we drive restless roads and make memories with mind and lens. We marvel at the view from atop Big Moose Mountain and the primitive remoteness of Spencer Pond. I am tempted to retreat from civilization.

The call of my heart
Wilderness isolation
Captive to my life

I have but one regret, though my life is blessed beyond measure.

Memories not made
Are remembered in hindsight
Go now, my Soul, live!

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