Draft opening of chapter one of my novel, Olongapo.   Black and White   Across the brown river the gray town trembles in a dull watercolor of shimmering heat waves. Smog, dirt, and dust mix in a loose conglomeration that coats everything in a fabric of oppression. Squat cement buildings, some painted in subdued tones of gray and brown, others painted in garish hues of … Continue reading Olongapo

The Melody Of Your Soul

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I read music in your eyes, Delicate chorale filled your voice, The melody of your soul, Breathed hymn into my life; Each movement measured note by note, Dancing fingers played across my keys, ‘Twas not a symphony filled the silence, But a quartet caressing strings; Hosannas rose into the night, Angelic host proclaimed, Cantata filled my ears, Notes kissed me… Continue reading The Melody Of Your Soul