Draft opening of chapter one of my novel, Olongapo.   Black and White   Across the brown river the gray town trembles in a dull watercolor of shimmering heat waves. Smog, dirt, and dust mix in a loose conglomeration that coats everything in a fabric of oppression. Squat cement buildings, some painted in subdued tones of gray and brown, others painted in garish hues of … Continue reading Olongapo

A Wished-For Love, Chapter One

. Olongapo, Philippines 1991 Aida, sweet and lovely like the opera, a pretty and petite Filipina in the full bloom of her twenty-one years, searched bare-footed for treasure among debris washed ashore by the late storm. She collected her treasure, a bright and colorful smörgåsbord of seashells, pebbles, smooth-worn glass, and curious shapes of driftwood, in a net bag that let sand fall away rather than … Continue reading A Wished-For Love, Chapter One