A Wished-For Love, Chapter One

This is the final edit of chapter one. Feedback is welcome. Would you continue reading? Invocation Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam 1970 They say you don’t hear the bullet that kills you. How could anyone know that? Because, they also say, bullets move faster than the speed of sound. By the time you hear the sound of the bullet in your back, you’re dead. What if … Continue reading A Wished-For Love, Chapter One

Sasi Part II

“You’ll have to tell me how to make a gimlet.” Tom spoke from behind the bar as he opened the refrigerator. “I may have tasted one, but I’ve never made one.” He removed a pitcher of sangria and poured a glassful. “I think I’ll have sangria instead of beer.” “One part sweetened lime juice, four parts gin,” Sasi said. “Add a slice of lime too. No rocks. … Continue reading Sasi Part II