The Melody Of Your Soul

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I read music in your eyes, Delicate chorale filled your voice, The melody of your soul, Breathed hymn into my life; Each movement measured note by note, Dancing fingers played across my keys, ‘Twas not a symphony filled the silence, But a quartet caressing strings; Hosannas rose into the night, Angelic host proclaimed, Cantata filled my ears, Notes kissed me… Continue reading The Melody Of Your Soul

Silence is Golden

I once read a book that opened with the main character, a twentieth century man, finding himself thrust into ninth century Europe. Once he regained his orientation and realized there was no place to go for a stiff drink, he took stock of his surroundings. One of the first peculiarities he noticed was the absence of noise. Not the absence of birds chirping, crickets buzzing, … Continue reading Silence is Golden